Analysis of SCO's lists of "infringing files" from the Linux kernel

I have prepared an analysis of SCO's lists that they provided to IBM in their Supplemental Responses to IBM's First Set of Interrogatories. This analysis can be seen here.

SCO still providing Linux source under the GPL:
(source code for ftptree, the program I wrote to generate these lists)

Please let me know if anyone knows of additional ftp servers maintained by SCO.

SCO has said Sun is okay
Fortunately, we can also get our Linux source code (under the GPL) from them:

As of August 18, 2003 at 1:00am,
List of Linux kernel source packages at (from Sun Linux)
just 2.4 kernels

Source Code shown during SCOForum Slide Show

Slide show from SCO presentation at SCOForum on August 18, 2003 (local cache)

Analysis by Bruce Perens, Greg Lehey and Eric Raymond

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