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TuxRocks.com is managed by Frank Sorenson. TuxRocks hosts my personal web pages, as well as a variety of additional pages. Currently, the largest collection of these pages relate to the SCO v. IBM lawsuit and other related legal matters. I chose the name TuxRocks because my family really thinks Tux and Linux are great. My young son in particular really loves Tux, and pretty much thinks that all penguins must be named Tux.

The collection of legal documents hosted at TuxRocks are intended to be a helpful supplement to other sites (such as Groklaw) that discuss the SCO lawsuit(s) and other legal matters that are of concern to open-source advocates. My pages should not be interpreted as a substitute for these other sites or as sound legal advice. Also, I do not represent or speak for anyone else (sometimes, I don't even represent myself).

There are a number of reasons that I'm involved in the SCO matter. To name a few:

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While I'm collecting and serving this information free of charge, I do have some costs associated with collecting the documents, as well as monthly costs associated with hosting the site. If you would like to donate to TuxRocks, voluntary contributions are accepted, and would be appreciated. Thanks.
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