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SCO v. IBM (PACER updated 2007/09/20)

RedHat v. SCO (PACER updated 2007/10/11)

SCO v. Novell (PACER updated 2008/01/28)

SCO v. AutoZone (PACER updated 2007/09/17)

SCO v. DaimlerChrysler


UC Regents v. USL

Yarro et al v. Kreidel et al, Canopy et al v. Yarro et al

Novell v. Microsoft (PACER updated 2007/11/02)

Wallace v. Free Software Foundation (PACER updated 2006/03/20)

Wallace v. IBM, Red Hat, and Novell (PACER updated 2006/08/31)

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SCO Group, Inc., et al. v. Chapter 11 (PACER updated 2008/10/03)

SCO Operations, Inc., et al. v. Chapter 11

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Wallace v. Free Software Foundation

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United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana, Judge John Daniel Tinder, Magistrate Judge Tim A. Baker

Case 1-05-cv-618

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